Placing Your Broker Order

At Diablo Motors Auto Sales, we believe you should be able to buy the exact vehicle you want, in all your favorite colors and options, without having to buy new. That means you won’t have to take that huge first-year depreciation hit, AND you won’t have to drive all over the planet looking at other peoples’ stinky dirty as-is cars! We’re pretty sure your time is valuable to you, and we KNOW your money is valuable to you, so why spend all that extra time AND pay retail, when we can get you EXACTLY what you want for WAY less money? All while you’re out having fun!

So although we already keep a great stock of high quality vehicles in our showroom, (mostly BMW, Mercedes, and others), in a wide price range, you don’t have to buy what we already have. Most dealerships try to sell you what they have in stock. That’s because it’s easier for them. But at Diablo Motors Auto Sales, we want you to get EXACTLY what you want. If we don’t have what you’re looking for, you can “custom order” it at no extra cost. You can specify year, make, model, colors, options, price range, etc, just like buying new, but at a fraction of the cost!

I attend 10 or more dealer-only auctions each month, and have personal see/touch/smell access to about 20,000 cars at these dealer auctions.  (No public auction junk)  Once I know what you want, I scan the posted lease returns and other dealer, bank, and rental inventories to see what will be available at the next sale. After locating vehicles that meet your “on paper” specs, I then view these vehicles personally, inspect them, drive them, and bid on them on your behalf if they meet your and my criteria. After I purchase your vehicle, it then goes through our Service Department for a careful and extensive 200-point inspection, plus our thorough interior and exterior detail, making sure that we don’t miss a thing. And on the rare occasion that I do miss something, you’re still covered under our exclusive 90 day warranty! Plus most of these cars are still covered under their fully-transferable FACTORY warranty, so you’re double covered! These vehicles are cleaned, CarFaxed, serviced, smogged, warranteed, fueled (YEP, EVEN A FULL GAS TANK!), and ready to roll.

And now on to pricing, because I know you want to know… Generally, our prices are WAY BELOW Kelley Blue Book “Retail”, pretty close to or below Kelley Blue Book “Private Party” prices, and in almost ALL cases, below anyone elses’ apples-to-apples prices! We call that “full service at the self-service price”. So you’ll save money AND time, get a nice clean car, and you’ll probably never buy a car “the old way” ever again! If you’re not quite sure what you want, we can offer information, photos, prices, service recommendations, and guidance.

Best of all, this is a RISK-FREE one-stop shop. If you don’t like it, you don’t buy it!  I’m so certain that I’ll meet or exceed your expectations that I GUARANTEE IT!  You’ll get exactly what you asked for (or better), without paying more than you want to, and without doing any of the work. Plus we can arrange financing or use your pre-approved loan, take your old car in trade, offer extended warranties, and I even handle all the DMV stuff! I’ll save you the nerve-wracking weekends of cheesy dealerships and classified ad shopping. It’s the best of all worlds – the lowest cost and the highest quality for the exact type vehicle you want!

To place an order, simply fill out the form at right, and I’ll contact you personally! Or just call me direct at 925-830-8747!  I’d love to hear from you soon!

Just A Few Brokerage Testimonials

“We just bought another car from Diablo Motors. Actually, we found what we thought was a good deal from another dealer on a 2005 Corolla for our daughter who attends UCSB. We called Greg and he asked us to give him a day to beat the offer. True to his word, he went to the Toyota auction and found us a 2007 Corolla with the exact features we wanted with half the miles (15000) at the same price. He had it ready by the next day for our daughter to drive down to UCSB. Thanks again Greg.” - Bill and Elizabeth L.

“I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how pleased I am with the 2003 Nissan Murano you found for me. I’ve driven the car for a month and I swear it seems brand new – I haven’t found anything to suggest it isn’t new and it’s four years old! You really outdid yourself this time. I also want to thank you for the way you conducted yourself through the whole broker and sale process. While I’ve come to expect great service from you, I feel I should acknowledge it, nevertheless. As always, you kept me informed of upcoming auctions you’d attend on my behalf and you honestly communicated how potential purchases met (and in some cases, didn’t meet) my list of customer requirements. Your information and advice has always led to great results. To put a cap on things, I value how you thoroughly check out the car, to ensure that it meets your high quality standards, before you turn it over to me. This is especially important since I’ve bought cars for my daughters through you and could rest assured, knowing that they were driving cars that were safe and dependable. I trust you in this process completely – I guess that’s why I’ve turned to you, again and again, to purchase our cars.” - Eric S.

“Four thousand miles ago, I took delivery of Nero, my “new” 2002 530is. As I come up on my first oil change, I’m delighted to report that, um, I’m delighted! I’d also like you to know how much I appreciated dealing with you. First, your sales style is a refreshing break from the typical high-pressure used-car salesman stereotype. And I was struck that you were willing to bid at auctions on my behalf with nothing more than my word that I would pay you for a car. Secondly, knowing that you personally service BMW’s in addition to selling them gave me confidence that you would be able to identify and avoid cars with hidden problems. At the end of our first meeting, I asked you to “find me a good one”, and I felt confident then that you would be able to do so. So thank you, and I’ll look forward to working with you again.” - Kobi E.

“We have purchased four cars from Greg Meier at Diablo Motors and could not be more pleased with the total experience. In every case, two Jeeps off the showroom floor and two VW’s via auction purchases, Greg has met or exceeded our expectations on price, quality, and schedule. He is an excellent communicator throughout the buying process, pointing out the choices and options available, yet never is pushy or intrusive. He listens well and is sincerely interested in his customers satisfaction, not just his own profits. When we pick up the cars, they have been thoroughly checked out and are road ready without hassle…We have found dealing with Greg to be a breath of fresh air of honesty and integrity in the notoriously shady world of used car sales. He makes the car buying experience easy, and we will continue to call on his services in the future.” - Robert C.

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