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  • Shari V.
  • Danville, CA

5 stars much deserved!! My husband and I just purchased a lovely convertible from Greg this weekend. I absolutely love my car!! We had a no hassle purchasing experience, played with Tux his sweet boarder collie and were on our way in no time. Plus, he also has a service department to help maintain my car. What more can you ask for!! We will definitely be back for others as this is the beginning of a great friendship with Diablo Motors. Thanks again Greg!!

  • Jeanne L.
  • Alamo, CA

Diablo Motors sold a car for me on consignment recently, and I'm totally delighted with the result.  Owner Greg Meier knows more about cars than anyone I ever met.  He is very honest and trustworthy, too, so you can count on him to do what he says he will do.  He explained in detail beforehand the costs of repairing and detailing my car in order to get it in top condition before advertising it for sale, and I was not required to pay for any of this up front.  

Diablo Motors took care of everything, including the DMV paperwork and smog test.  Their service and sales teams are both excellent at what they do.  In the end, I cleared more from the sale than I would have if I had sold it at the Blue Book Private Party price, and without all the hassle and risks involved in such private party transactions.  I couldn't be happier.

  • David P.
  • Fullerton, CA

What a fantastic experience!  I walked into Diablo Motors because I was recommended by a friend in the area who used their services in the past.  I chatted with Greg for about 10 minutes so that he could figure out what kind of car I needed and what price range I was looking to stay in.  He found a car less expensive than what I was looking for, in better condition than I was expecting, and did so in a time frame that couldn't have been more perfect.  He even picked me up from BART after I dropped my rental car off!  Couldn't have more positive things to say about my experience with Diablo Motors.

  • Brenda B.
  • Danville, CA

Doesn't get much better! I hired Greg to find me a car with specific parameters. He found it, I bought it, I'm happy. Great service, no pressure, no games. Variety of inventory with great pricing and near perfect condition vehicles.

  • Sarah T.
  • San Francisco, CA

I cannot speak highly enough of Greg and Diablo Motors.
Two and half years ago I was looking to buy my first car (at age 36 and new to America (I'm British)) and was not enjoying the process of going to dealers and selecting a car, not knowing what I wanted at that point beyond a second hand 3-5 year old car. I found that I could not get a straight answer from anyone I met, everyone each trying to convince me that whatever they had was exactly what I needed.

Greg was a breath of fresh air.  He spent time to understand what I needed, rather than just try and sell me what was in his showroom. He ask me lots of questions to narrow down what I really needed and to identify the inevitable trade-offs. He then got very specific for the model I wanted (a Jeep Liberty) which years were good (and also any years of production to avoid and why – Greg loves cars and it shows; he Is quite the expert).

At all times, Greg was honest and straight with me and also realistic about what I could and could not get for my money.

Greg offers an auction service whereby you specify what you want and Greg finds it for you. For me, I knew thanks to Greg's help that what would most help my needs was a 3-5 year old Jeep LIberty, no more than 50k miles.  And I wanted blue – which is not so common!  But Greg found one for me and it is perfect.

I also love that Greg and his team service and detail my car and help keep it in perfect shape. Before owning a car, I was worried about the upkeep, but Greg has made it super easy for me and I always know I can rely on him.

Without a doubt, if you buy a car from Greg and Diablo Motors, you will be in great hands – honest, knowledgeable and always reliable.

  • Leo R.
  • San Jose, CA

My very first experience at Diablo Motors was excellent. Greg did a good job explaining the cars features. He allowed me to take a long test drive to really get to know the car. The car I purchased had low miles looked fantastic and drove like it was brand new. Since the purchase the car has certainly lived up to my expectations. Unlike other car buying experiences Greg made my buying experience completely painless. To me he was a no pressure, courteous, straight shooter. Pricing was fair and the deal was closed in record time. The first time in a long time I purchased a car without buyers remorse.

  • Brandon S.
  • San Jose, CA

I just bought my second car from Diablo Motors and the experience was just as wonderful the second time as the first. Both times I used Greg as a broker. He carefully gathered my requirements and went to work. Last year it was a 1 year old Suburban for my wife, and this year a 1 year old F150 for me. In both cases, Greg found a perfect match and made us a very fair price. I really like the whole process in place at Diablo Motors, and I would not have returned if it wasn't a pleasant experience. The process here is completely transparent and there is no high-pressure sales environment. This is how car buying should be everywhere. I would recommend Diablo Motors to anyone.

  • Crazy G.
  • Livermore, CA

Great selection, fair prices and a straightforward sales process.  Only Diamond-certified used car dealer in the area.  Appreciate having these guys in San Ramon;  definitely recommend you check them out for your next auto purchase or repair.

  • Ryth M.
  • San Francisco, CA

Greg and the team are fantastic. Our experience with them was top-notch. Highly recommended!

  • Damon C.
  • Danville, CA

I have been driving for 32 years. I have bought over 50 cars. The last 3 I have bought from Greg. He is different and shouldn't be grouped in with car lots or car salesman. I even have my cars serviced at Diablo Motors. I always tell my friends, you could drop your sandwich in the service department and pick it up and still eat it! It's that clean. No pressure, no hassle and no gimmicks!

  • Mike C.
  • Pleasanton, CA

I have used Diablo Motors in the past and will again because Greg does the due diligence I don't have the time to when looking for a car. From what I've seen, Greg brings in nicer cars with lower mileage and less wear and tear. Greg found us a wonderful Lexus RX 350 and we've had zero problems with it. We bring it back to Diablo Motors for regular service and to have detailed. Greg is someone I've come to trust. We will be working with him again soon to help us find a car for our daughter turning 16 or she'll get the Lexus and we'll buy a nicer car for Mom.

  • Paul C.
  • Petaluma, CA

So, I found Diablo motors on line, I was looking for an M3 rag top, they had just the car at a good price, I had a Mercedes 560sl for sale and left it with them to sell, to cut a long story short I sold the car two weeks later, Greg & Brad are very honest dealers witch is very rare these days. Thank you guys for taking care of my needs.
I will be back for my next classic car …

  • Cory S.
  • South Portland, ME

Wish I could put 6 stars. Greg and his team were incredibly honest and upfront about everything. After months of not-so-great experiences trying to buy a car, I found a mint GTI for a wicked good price and he shipped it across the country. Couldn't be happier with the car and the way I was treated. To say I recommend Diablo is an understatement. Best dealer I've ever dealt with. Period.

  • Bhavit D.
  • Danville, CA

Who likes car shopping.  I see very few people who do.  I went to Diablo motors after I had been searching for cars for a long long time.  I was skeptical, I was concerned about being taken for a ride, I wasn't sure what I was getting myself into but I made it in.

What a different experience.  Greg was courteous, no pressure, explained things when I had questions, there was no rush to anything.  I didn't buy the car during my first visit.  We went back and one evening I decided to bite the bullet.  I have to say my experience with Diablo has been the most incredible car buying experience.  So many dealers and frankly companies can learn from their approach.

The experience didn't end then.  I found a few (small) issues and they promptly resolved them no questions asked.  I even called to schedule a maintenance visit and asked how much it was and instead of quoting me a price a week later I got a certificate in the mail saying they were running a promotion that 1st year of maintenance was free (well I think it started after I bought) but they still gave it to me.

When I buy my next car it will be at Diablo motors.  Without any hesitation I recommend Diablo Motors.

  • Jason C.
  • San Francisco, CA

My girlfriend and I recently bought a car from Greg. He is very professional, and understanding of his customers budgets. All the cars he sells are fine cars, with his in-house mechanic doing the 200 inspection before the car is rolled onto the lot. The professionalism, the experience, and the ease of buying a car all make this place one of the best places to buy a car. If you're looking for good quality used vehicles that you can just drive off with, get registered on the spot, and don't have to worry about issues, I'd go here.  We will again. If you're reading this review, be sure to use your check-in; there's a little surprise in there for you ;-). Greg thanks for making my girlfriend and I feel so great about buying a new vehicle!

  • Don D.
  • San Francisco, CA

I hate car shopping. 
Don't get me wrong- I like nice cars but I just want one to appear in my driveway. 

I was referred by a friend to Greg Meier at Diablo who completely won my business with his knowledge and no nonsense approach.  Made it so easy and seamless. 

He has beautiful vehicles and I love my new convertible BMW. Truly the best car buying experience I've ever had – I plan to buy another for my niece's graduation this June- and have it shipped to NY. 

Check him out- you won't be disappointed.

  • Sara S.
  • Pleasanton, CA

You know how you wish you had that friend who is great with cars, can service them, tell you what to buy, find you a great deal ?  Let me introduce you to Greg….  We have purchased two cars from Diablo motors and had all our servicing done by them for the last three years. Each time we visit we enjoy the same, friendly, no pressure environment. We shopped around for our last car and wished we hadn't. Everyone else wanted to sell us financing and the bartering back and forth was exhausting. Greg had the perfect car out front, named a fair price and we took it home, safe in the knowledge that if we had any problems we could just call.  Servicing is easy, the team are honest and the pricing fair. If you like to feel you beat the salesman into submission to get a bargain price, then you can go to another dealer. Diablo motors cuts out that nonsense with honest car prices for good looking cars, from a team who care.

  • Jim F.
  • Livermore, CA

If you are seeking an unconventional pre-owned car buying experience that provides quality motor cars with an exceptional customer experience look no further than Diablo Motors in San Ramon. Greg (owner) and Brad offer the buyer exactly what this industry needs including an excellent inventory, zero sales pressure and quite frankly just plain fun. When future motorcars needs are required, my first stop will be Diablo Motors, great people & excellent inventory

  • Jan K.
  • San Ramon, CA

I bought an awesome BMW from Greg a year ago.  I had awesome service, and I love my car!  The good service continues, as I trust Greg and his staff.

  • Craig B.
  • Danville, CA

Nice place, enjoyable experience, although, I did not purchase a car there, I would and I would recommended! No pressure, nice inventory although they did not have what I was looking for, had they, I would have bought there! Nice job!

Also, got a call on Sunday, after taking a test drive on Sat., offering to meet me there on Sunday, when they are normally closed!    Nice touch!

  • Jim L.
  • San Bruno, CA


greg is a good guy, easy to work with and a used car salesman u can trust.  u dont get b/s around this place, toke care of my sons mini and extremely happy.  

thumbs up!!!

  • Kevin C.
  • Sunnyvale, CA

Greg is terrific. And so is the business that he runs. I've been looking for one of the rare BMW and Greg happened to have one on his lot. I emailed Greg about the vehicle and he responded immediately to my questions, not hesitating to answer anything candidly. After about a week of back and forth emails, I told Greg that I would like to see the vehicle however I would not be able to visit until late at night. Without hesitation, he said he would stay as long as he needed if I wanted to see the car.

I came in late one night and he had it detailed and ready for me to test drive and to inspect the car. Greg was knowledgeable, especially with European models, and made the transaction easy for me. He didn't try to play any games like most dealerships, and at the end of the day, he was very honest and up front with everything. He genuinely cares about the customer and his cars.

Knowing how he constructs his dealership business, I'm curious to try his service department. However I am certain that he treats this business the same way; Honest, dependable and fair.

I couldn't be any happier with my new car, or any happier with the buying experience. I would be a repeat customer in the future.

  • Page P.
  • Palm Springs, CA
Very good experience at Diablo Motors! Found the owner Greg to be very honest and considerate.  This deal was for a 24 year old Mercedes and he still took the time to talk to me about the car and made the deal too good to pass on.  I am very happy with the car and the deal!  I will be back when it is time for my next car.  Thanks again!

  • A L.
  • Alamo, CA

I just purchased my second BMW from Diablo Motors. The cars are beautiful, we had a hard time choosing. Greg is informative, nice, honest and let us drive the cars so many times without making us feel rushed -

I saw the car I wanted first on the website which is GREAT for first glancing at the selection. I did buy that one at the end of the day (15 minutes ago), but there was a big selection in a variety of price ranges when we arrived, it was hard to choose. What cinched it for me is that he also services the cars on site so I can trust that my car will get fixed if and when needed by an honest and likeable guy!

Thanks Greg – #Lovemynewcar

  • H B.
  • Denver, CO
I recently bought a consignment car from this dealer.  What a beauty!!!  The car is perfect.  The transition in purchasing it went smoothly.  Greg and his team are friendly, professional, and quite a joy to work with.  I love his site.  The cars are beautifully displayed and the grounds a clean.

  • Sam S.
  • Penn Valley, CA

My wife and I bought a Jeep Cherokee from Diablo Motors a little while back. We met Greg, the owner, when we were on a bike ride near his business. We were so impressed with the man as a person we came back and asked him to find a car for us. It took a few weeks and he filled every wish. The car was perfect for us. We will be looking for another car sometime this year and the first person we will call will be Greg, even though we live in Grass Valley, CA.

It is easy to find people in the car business to be critical about, Greg is the profound exception. Pleasant, direct and honest. He has a pretty good sense of humor also. You can't go wrong in doing business with Diablo Motors.

  • John K.
  • Livermore, CA


"Don't she purr, though."  Under a backdrop of the Brooklyn Bridge and the Twin Towers, those were the words of a blind Lieutenant Colonel Frank Slade (played by Al Pacino) to Police Office Gore in "Scent of a Woman" after being pulled over while test driving a Ferrari in Brooklyn.   While she's not a Ferrari, those are the very words that have come to mind more than once whilst driving my very pretty jet black 2011 BMW 328i I bought at Diablo Motors a few weeks back.  Once again, I am driving a stick and attacking the hills of San Francisco with vigor on wheels!

There's a knowledgeable and friendly team of folks there at Diablo Motors, though when I think of Diablo I really think of the owner, Greg.  He and I–we got history.  I've been buying cars through him since 1997, back when my daughters were 3 and 0.  Now they are a little older and my (now) 19 year-old was in need of a car when I started looking around.  Well, she still needs a car but Daddy's got a beemer.  

Greg's got a little less hair now and he's still the same easy-going guy I worked with through the years.  I have never felt pressured at DM.  Greg's cars are always impeccably clean and all the cars I have bought through him have been young lease-returns that still have factory warranty.  Last night I stopped by to pick up my new license plates.  While I subjected Greg pictures of my daughters, one of his guys went out in the rain and put the new plate on the very wet 328i.  

Thanks Greg.  I need to save up again so I can get my daughter a car–then I'll be back.  She's been driving that '95 Explorer I bought from you in '97 and well, it's seen better days.

Don't want to leave anyone hanging.  Here's the Al Pacino scene.  Watch this then then go see Greg to and get your own purring machine.…

Don't she purr, though.

  • Onley I.
  • San Ramon, CA

Just bought a CLS MB from Greg after looking all over the internet ad E-Bay this was the best deal by 1-2K and in t he color and interior I really wanted.  Lots of Black, White and gray but not Blue with Tan Leather like my beautiful CLS 500.  Dealing with Greg is a real pleasure and he even fills your tank without you asking.  He supplied me with an owners manual AFTER I bought the car and could not find one.  

Also I had his detailer do my wife's car and Josh is the best in the business.  If you have a nice car and want it to look like a million bucks.  Have Josh detail it for you.  I have paid other at a local car wash $169.00 and could have done better myself but the $199 special Josh does I can not duplicate.  Her car looks like a million bucks.  Great shop all th way around. Donley

This is a 5 -star shop and if yelp could rate more stars I  would.

  • Jan G.
  • Stockton, CA
We bought a 2011 750Li BMW at Diablo, and are very satisfied with the entire operation.  The car is a real head turner and helps with our business.  Greg is so cool and lay back.  None of the normal "pressure" you expect when looking for a car.  He has over 50 cars including Beemers, Mercedes, Porsche etc and all in excellent condition.  It's pretty much a set no hassle price, but when I looked up the price he was asking and did some comparisons, I believe we saved close to $10K over a regular dealer.

  • R J.
  • Antelope, CA

Great service! Just picked up our first family car here from Greg, a genuinely good guy that makes buying smart easy. Didn't get that "slimey" car-sales feel from the place, check them out if you're looking for a safe place to purchase your ride.

  • Don A.
  • San Ramon, CA
I recently had to have some work done on the family car and the head mechanic Tony, was extremely helpful and knowledgable in getting my problems solved. I'll be bringing in my other car when it needs work as well as my company vehicles. Greg and Tony know their business well and they're good people too. if you're looking for a stand-up auto repair, give these guys a try!

  • A T.
  • Orinda, CA
We have bought 2 cars from Greg and recently I even sent my parents to him when they were in the market for a new car – that's how much I trust him. A few years ago we got a big dog and we were squishing out of our old Honda Pilot. I decided to buy "gently used" because it fit our budget and after looking online, found the make/model of the car we wanted on Diablo Motors' website. I called him up and he explained he wasn't around during the day the next couple days because he was going to be at car auctions, but he could meet me on an evening. My initial reaction was "you gotta be kidding! – how can this guy run a business without being open during the day some days?" I am a stay at home mom and that did not work well with my schedule. However, I had a good feeling after talking with him, so I met him a couple evenings later to look at the car. He impressed me with his non-smarmy, non-pushy approach. That weekend I brought my husband in to look at the car and we bought it. The price was fair. I did not feel like I was getting a screaming deal BUT he gave us a trade in of $900 bucks for our old Pilot which no one in their right mind should have done- it was such a disaster! A couple years later, Greg found my husband a 2 year old Audi at Auction and saved my husband $15k over buying it new from the dealership.  We are very happy with our experience at Diablo Motors. Greg is a genuine, honest businessman who runs a good business and cares about his customers. I recommend him without reservation.

Caroline C.
Ive been looking to trade my Mercedes in on a different model I found my new car on AutoTrader and drove to San Ramon to check it out,  Im SO HAPPY WITH MY NEW CAR! The shop was beautiful inside, the owner Greg was very "real" I felt like I was buying a car from a friend. The information I got online was correct about the vehicle. The employees were all extremely helpful and very accomodating as well as happy! looked like a great place to work at!  We even enjoyed a celebration drink while they detailed up my car removing the stickers and doing a final inspection! 5 STARS!! I agree with their moto! Life's too short to drive a crummy car!

  • Dave S.
  • Dublin, CA
Was looking for a clean 5 series and shopped a great deal for the right car.  After talking with dealers and looking at many cars for 10 days I found one with Greg.  The car was what he said it was.  He has a very clean location with his own shop to service cars.  He has been there for 20 years with a good following.  I like the fact he will certify his cars with a guarantee for a year. So he will not stock or sell bad cars.  If your looking for a clean German made car, this is a good place to go.

  • Black J.
  • Pleasanton, CA


i wanted a cute little run around car and that is what greg easily secured for me and he even helped me get the best financing in town at the cheapest rates around. he is a+ broker.

We had a great car buying experience with Greg at Diablo Motors.  He is honest, forthright and easy to deal with.  The car we bought was exactly as described and while the price wasn't very negotiable it was fair based on what we saw in the market.  Greg was very helpful in dealing with our bank for the financing we had arranged.  A great experience overall!

I would like to echo the review posted by Marcia H.  I stopped by Diablo Motors one evening after visiting several larger traditional car dealerships.  It was Sunday, so I called Greg before I came to check if he was open.  Turns out I had reached him on his cell and he was at home watching football, but he said absolutely no problem and came and met me at his shop to show me the Jeep I was interested in.  Greg was an absolute pleasure to deal with, especially after all the other pushy sales people I dealt with at the dealerships.  He is very honest, extremely helpful, and willing to do anything he can to make his customers happy.  I did not end up purchasing that vehicle, but Greg followed up with me through email trying to help me find the car and deal that I wanted.  Many times he offered to go above and beyond what can be expected as normal "customer service" to help me out.  Next time I am in the market for a car Greg will be my first call!

  • Teri K.
  • Fairfield, CA
Wow, I thought I was just looking but I ended up buying the same night and was in and out in under an hour. Really fair deal, really clean car, really friendly, no pressure customer service!

  • Kathy B.
  • San Ramon, CA
I started taking my Mini to Diablo Motors in San Ramon for car care several years ago. I had such good experiences with the professional service there that I eventually traded my Mini in for a BMW at this place of business. I continue to bring my BMW in for service. Hands down, this is the best and easiest place to buy a car or to have a car serviced…EVER! Thank you Greg and to all the employees at Diablo Motors.

  • David P.
  • Danville, CA
My fiance and I recently purchased a pre-owned MB E350 from Diablo Motors.  The expereince was great, as was the price.  The care has been great so far (about a month). Greg called us last week to come down and have the license plates put on.  A nice touch not to have to deal with a small detail.  I will come back when car shopping again!

  • Kevin M.
  • San Diego, CA


This is the first review I have ever taken the time to write. Greg had the car I wanted, and because of all the great reviews, I decided to fly from San Diego to buy a car from Diablo Motors. The car, the facility, the experience, and Greg's integrity, all exceeded my expectations. Greg really went out of his way to make the trip very worthwhile, and his price was more than fair. The transaction took about 30 minutes, and I was able to make it home that same night in my perfect Passat. In hindsight, I could have just done the whole thing over the phone and saved the trip! How often can you say that about a car dealer?

  • Chris L.
  • Los Gatos, CA
I've bought a lot of cars during my driving years and I don't think I've ever had a car buying experience that I would have described as enjoyable. That is until my recent purchase of a 2010 Toyota Prius from Greg at Diablo Motors.  I saw one of his advertisements online and decided to drive out to take a look, expecting to find a shabby used car lot with high pressure salesmen like you see all over the bay area. But, Wow, what a surprise! I found a beautifully maintained showroom filled with meticulously cleaned and presented late model cars. Greg was great to work with, he's very knowledgeable about the cars he sells (obviously a car-guy), doesn't pressure you into making a snap decision (I bought on my return visit) and is more than fair on the price – with no haggling to boot. This place is a rare find and I highly recommend it to my friends and family. If you find one of his car ads that look interesting, go pay a visit – you'll be as pleasantly surprised as I was.

  • Mike C.
  • Danville, CA
Greg Meier is a wonderfully honest guy and it has been a pleasure working with him. His maintenance department technician is a magician. Mike C.

  • Paul C.
  • Ceres, CA
5 Stars, I highly recommend working with Greg at Diablo Motors. He's our family go-to guy for cars. Diablo Motors is a place that deserves word-of-mouth reviews and recognition. Greg did a wonderful job helping us to conduct our car research and he made us feel very informed and confident about our purchase.

  • scott w.
  • Orinda, CA

We bought an Acura MDX from Greg.  Car had 100k miles but drove great. Days after having it the transmission went out ( a known problem with these cars as it is allwheel drive and trannys usually dont make it past 100k). We knew buying a used car would be a crap shoot and that we'd face various repairs eventually. It just bummed us out that we hit perhaps one of the most expensive repairs to be needed so soon.

Greg too felt bad and wanted to make it right.

We bought a new  tranny from Acura which greg chipped in $1500 of the $3000 for the part. He also chipped in free labor to put it in. Anyone in the know knows this is about 10 hours labor involving special tools to support engine while tranny is lowered out/in from below.

This is usually a $4000 job. And we will be the beneficiary of this investment for the next 100,000 miles.

If this isnt going the distance for a customer i dont know what is.

Honesty and doing the right thing is a pervasive quality at Diablo.

Scott Wilmot, Orinda CA

  • faud e.
  • Danville, CA

Having lived in the San Ramon and Danville area since 87' I have known off Diablo Motors for years. I refer people to their location and do so because I have never heard one negative thing about them.
Courteous, straightforward, honest and trust worthy, not to mention a great experience is all I hear about any dealings with Greg at Diablo Motors.
It comes as no surprise that his is the only Diamond Certified dealer around, because his attention to detail and drive to deliver the best service ever is also worthy of Diamond certification. In short an amazing place to do business with and a warm friendly atmosphere.  I'm confident telling people to go see Greg; because I know they won't be disappointed.

Faud Engineer

We first found out about Diablo Motors about 5 years ago when we were looking to buy a used M3 convertible.  We went to several places and the prices were much higher than we wanted to pay, the dealers we encountered were not very impressive so we again went to another dealer which happened to be Diablo Motors and wow, what a difference!  The cars were inside a showroom, sparkling clean, the prices of each were written on a big white board along with what the blue book was so you knew exactly what the mark up was – we were just very impressed from the start.  We recently visited them again and they had moved to a bigger place, but nothing had changed.  I would HIGHLY recommend Diablo Motors if you want a super clean high end car for the lowest price you'll find anywhere, without the hassles and stress buying a car usually is.

My wife and I first visited Diablo Motors to test drive an Audi she was interested in. She had a number of questions about Audis, Mercedes, and BMWs. We ended up purchasing a BMW from another dealer. Greg did not have the car she finally decided on at the time. We chose Diablo Motors to service the car because of how we treated and Greg's innate honesty. His staff has serviced our car for repairs and regular maintenance. Their work is exemplary. The car is always returned showroom clean. We have recommended Greg to friends and loved ones. I look forward to purchasing our next vehicle from Diablo Motors. Check them out. I promise that you will not be disappointed.

My husband and I decided that the time was right to begin looking for a new car last year. My husband knew Greg prior as he bought his first used car from Greg. I was must more hesitate when I started looking at a used car vs. a new car. I had SUCH a horrible previous experience buying a used car from a dealership in Sacramento (luckily) don't own that car anymore, that I wanted to either lease something we could afford or downgrade my wish list to get a car within our budget. My husband took me to Greg and he showed us what he had to offer. We decided to keep looking and explore what options we had for a new car or lease. Eventually we came back to Greg and decided to try his brokerage service. We knew what we wanted and what we wanted to pay out the door. We listed our must haves and our "it would be nice to haves" with Greg. He assured us that our car was out there, but was rare and it could take time. Being we were in no rush we placed our deposit and waited.

Greg called several times about opportunities he saw, and gave us all the information prior to buying a car meeting our list. We decided to wait until he found it. After a couple weeks from that time Greg called with not only the car meeting our must haves, but had MUCH MORE! We decided to see it. Greg let us drive it around, recommended we could have it for the weekend if we preferred, but we knew this is more than we could have asked for! We had the check the following monday and bought the car.

I couldn't be more happy that my husband told me to look at buying a used car. We saved probably over 60% of the cost of the car new, and ours still had factory warranty and fully loaded! We paid exactly what Greg said we would pay, and Greg never presurred us to buy the car after he found it. He was upfront, and had communication throughout the process.

Overall I got basically a brand new car, at the price point I could afford, and I couldn't be more happy about our new car. It's quite an upgrade and with a 2 year old baby girl gives us all the security we would want in a new car. If you are looking to buy a new car I would recommend talking to Greg first! I didn't have to downgrade or settle, I got to drive a great car at a great value!


Greg is a stand-up guy and runs a clean, professional business. His cars speak for themselves – all appear high-class and clean; the BMW I purchased runs great. The car-buying experience was simple and no-pressure – from the test drive to the inspection at an independent mechanic, Greg was ready with the necessary forms and simply allowed me to make my own decision. He demonstrated trust in me in several little ways – accepted a personal check, offered loaner vehicles, even offered to let me drive the car for several days while he was out of town to make sure I wanted it. He was always available by phone and made himself personally available nights and weekends. Finally, he honored the warranty; a cabin fan had been making an irritating squeal, and he replaced the $200 part at no charge. I highly recommend Greg and Diablo Motors for anyone looking to purchase a high-class used vehicle.

Updated – 11/18/2011

I have purchased several cars here. Honest no pressure clean showroom full of nice cars. They stand behind the cars they sell.


Greg is extremely helpful and honest.  He was able to take all of my specifications and find exactly the right car for me.  Handled all the paper work and made the car buying experience hassle-free and enjoyable.

  • Jennifer K.
  • Danville, CA

Great car buying experience. Greg showed me only the cars I was interested in. He answered all of my questions. After I bought the sweet BMW (I couldn't otherwise afford), he even had someone drive my old car back home. Plus, he's easy to look at, if ya know what I mean.


Probably THE best car buying experience I have ever had. After seeing the car online the day it was posted I called and asked if I could see it that evening. I was coming from Sacramento, so it was going to be a late night getting to San Ramon. Greg graciously agreed to wait for me. When I showed up he was nothing but completely professional. No pressure, and all the information I asked for. Negotiation on the price was quick and easy. When I buy my next car there is no doubt in my mind I will start (and likely again finish) my search at Diablo Motors.


I bought a Chevrolet Cobalt at Diablo Motors a month ago, that was a pretty nice experience – so different from the ones I have had with over dealers in the bay area!

First of all, the car itself is really nice. I had it inspected by another mechanic before buying, he could not find any issue with it – and since I have had it, I have no issue to report either. It is just running fine, and it is quite enjoyable to drive it without worrying whether or when it will break down.

Another aspect was that Greg did not try to sell it super-actively like most dealers I have met do – he was there when I had a question, but also gave me time to evaluate the car when I needed and did not rush me at any time. He really KNEW about the car (unlike most car dealers, he is also running a mechanic business, hence does actually have technical skills).

Greg was also very clear explaining me how the DMV paperwork was working – which he completely handled anyway, but as a foreigner just arriving in the US I felt a need to better understand all that stuff.

In the end, that was a very good overall experience. Next time I want a used car, their inventory is the first I will be looking at.


Well, it's almost a year later and I'm finally writing my yelp review for Greg and Diablo Motors.  Sorry, Greg.  My experience was notably positive.  I have bought several cars and this was my best experience yet.  I never felt rushed or felt that I was being beguiled.  Greg was very matter of fact and gave me all of the details of the sale and the vehicle straight up.  The Prius has been as durable and efficient as Greg said it was.  In the past year, I've taken it back and forth to Salem OR twice, San Diego 3 or 4 times, down to Coachella and then Death Valley last weekend for 4 days. Thanks again Greg.


We bought a car from Greg and now use Diablo Motors to service it. I cannot believe how available and easy-to-reach he is. He does care about his customers, works long hours, and always answers his cell phone. Thank you, Greg for the difference you make. 


We didn't end up buying a car through Diablo Motors, but I would recommend their services to any of my friends or family and I would definitely work with them in the future to have an honest and pleasant car buying experience. 


I found Diablo Motors by recommendation from a friend. They performed a long-needed tune up on my car, an older Jeep Grand Cherokee, and were fantastic in finding an electrical problem that might have been a much more expensive problem and fixed it for a fraction of the price. The staff I met when i took my car in were all pleasant and funny, engaging and welcoming. They put me into a snazzy loaner so I wouldn't miss a beat with my business calls and fixed all of the problems honestly and completely. Funny how you can feel grateful and like a business was sent from heaven…I loved my experience there and would recommend them to everyone. Those I know and those I don't. They deserve to be recognized and patronized. I even felt compelled to make a review here.


I live in the upper North Valley where it is hard to find a used BMW's and not pay a high dealership price.  My search took me from Chico to the Bay Area and finally found Greg's business on Craig's List.  What attracted me to Diablo Motors was his price for this specific 2006- X5. His price was 20+% below what other dealers were asking for similar aged models, and "all" with higher mileage.  Based on Kelly BB, his price was similar to a private party sale price which is reasonable.  I was thankful that my purchase price had already been discounted well below retail.  Further, I would not have to haggle with a dealership to get a good price.  I believe we had spent less than 2 hours through the entire process from the test drive to the DMV paperwork.  

Greg's business is not a typical auto dealership that often incurs both the high overhead and high auto prices that come with it.  You are dealing directly with an owner who appears quite knowledgeable about his inventory.  He was easy to talk to and did not impose any pressure on us.  During the brief time we spent with him, we felt we were dealing with an honest and creditable person.  After the purchase, I had a number of questions that he always responded to.  In addition, I was impressed by how he takes care of his autos and his attention to detail.  I now have a 2006 BMW with a car/engine that looks and drives almost like a new car.

"No", I cannot guarantee that the next used car I buy will be from Greg.  But "Yes", I am 100% sure that he will be one of my first inquiries that I make when looking for our next auto.  And "Yes", I would recommend him to a friend or family member without reservation.


We just completed buying our 4th vehicle from Greg at Diablo motors: a 2008 Prius. As with our prior purchases, it was an enjoyable experience from beginning to end. The cars have unfailingly been meticulously cleaned and prepared for sale; the test drive, question and answer session and the final purchase details painless. Greg was the usual congenial host and always ready to go out of his way to accomodate our needs and timing. Without reservation, we highly recommend Diablo Motors for your (and our!) next auto purchase.


Hi Greg, Just wanted to follow-up with my personal experience of purchasing a car from Diablo Motors specific to my recent situation needs…. "I had purchased my first 2001 S430 Silver Mercedes Benz that was in pristine condition from a friend in Danville over two years ago…. I diligently maintained, repaired, and kept my car serviced through the local Mercedes Benz dealer in Walnut Creek where it originally was purchased… I was very proud owning a Mercedes Benz… On 11-3-10, I was driving to Walnut Creek for an appointment at the Mercedes Benz dealership for $500 worth of Free Services afforded me but never to be received. I was rear ended in a severe traffic accident on 680N that took my precious Mercedes Benz car from me…. "it saved my life by giving up its own life instead"…. My car was totaled and I felt robbed of my treasured possession… I was alive still but deeply sadden by my tragic lost and costly investment… If I had been driving any other "typical car", and rear ended with the collision force I endured, I would be dead or severely maimed as the outcome of that accident. The accident was on Wednesday, 11-3-10, and I was determine to find another 2001 S430 Mercedes Benz (an equal and suitable replacement). I went on-line to, and immediately found another 2001 S430 Mercedes Benz offered at Diablo Motors in San Ramon, CA… It was in excellent condition (interior/exterior) as described in their write-up, similar mileage as my lost vehicle, and its denoted color was "Black Opal" (a very dark blue metallic). It had additional features and options that promoted its attractiveness, so I called Mr. Greg Meier (Owner/Broker) and setup an appointment for Saturday afternoon (11-6-10)…. Greg was very accommodating with meeting me on such short notice as it was near his normal closing hours for Saturday… Upon my arrival, Greg and I talked and I inspected the vehicle, asked many questions and I told Greg of my recent vehicle accident… The description and photos at Diablo Motors on-line website (http://www.diablomotor…) clearly were in tune with the actual car's condition and appearance. I told Greg that I would like to have the Mercedes Benz dealership in Walnut Creek inspect the car too… Diablo Motors performs 200 inspections themselves on their cars so they are credible, safe cars and stands behind their cars on insuring their customers are satisfied with their purchases fully…. This is the "backbone" of Diablo Motors' customer service policy that their customers are satisfied with their purchases fully…. He agreed and I came back on Monday, 11-8-10 to pickup the Mercedes. The Mercedes dealership did a 27 points inspection and found about $2K worth of additional discrepancies… Greg willingly did about $1,400 worth of additional repairs (at his cost) to the vehicle with me taking care of the service item costs after purchasing the car… I purchased the car on Thursday, 11-11-10, and paid cash for the transaction that was informative and easy with Greg's attentive style… The car was detailed, waxed, and waiting for its new owner…. I was happy again with my Mercedes Benz replacement and believe it was "fate" that I found Diablo Motors… All the cars that Greg sells are pristine condition vehicles that exhibit the keen eye that Greg has established over his 16 years as a leading business owner in the SF Bay area. I had noticed a sound that was a concern while driving that would come and go… more pronounced at low speeds than normal driving speeds… but definitely a concern… and only when I was turning left. I contacted Greg at Diablo Motors and told him my concerns to which he graciously told me to stop by. The mechanic diagnosis of the problem determined that one of the Control arms and ball joints for the front suspension was defective…Greg told me to contact him again on 1/3/11 to setup an appointment… Greg told me that the problem would be fixed on his account… So an appointment was made on 1-6-11, Thursday. I dropped off my car at 9 AM, and given a loaner car (no cost) for the day… At 6:30 PM Greg called stating the problem was fixed. Greg explained that the LF Lower Control Arm and LF Ball Joint were defective/replaced and there was no charge for the repair (his cost was $835.74). My car also had a State-Of-Art Alignment completed at no additional cost to me (his cost was $169.95). My car now purrs and special thanks to "Greg" at Diablo Motors for his "extemporary customer service" to make his customers fully satisfied with their Diablo Motors' purchase. Diablo Motors has superseded my expectations for a superior car dealership that not only afforded high quality vehicles but provides excellent, affordable follow-up servicing and customer service. Greg's earned reputation for Diablo Motors far exceeds what I expected, but I am glad that "Fate" seems to be such a close friend to Greg Meier too…. and for crossing our paths… Sincerely, Jay Fehring


I bought a 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee from Greg back in October. It was the best car buying experience I've ever had and the car is still running great. I will definitely check out Greg's inventory before buying another used car.


We were looking for a used truck in a hot niche in the market. We had a laundry list of requirements and we didn't have time to run all over the place and check out leads while things sold out from under us. We called Greg and he did all the leg work. He found us exactly what we were looking for, even when we couldn't find it ourselves! He is great to work with, cheerful, and persistent in the hunt. We didn't even test drive it when we got to his place. We just bought it and drove it home. We've been driving the truck for a few months now with total satisfaction. We highly recommend Diablo Motors and Greg! He saved us a huge amount of time and hassle and delivered the truck we wanted.


I bought a motorcycle from the owner about 15 minutes after walking in place. Paid with a personal check and the motorcycle is great and the owner is a good guy. Clean fast transaction and I'm happy. May go back for a Beemer later…


If you are in the market for a high quality pre-owned vehicle I would highly recommend Diablo Motors and Greg Meier. Unlike previous experiences of buying a late model car and immediately having to do work on the vehicle to bring it up to speed. I felt confident that there were no hidden surprises in the BMW I purchased from Diablo. I found the perfect car in amazing condition and I was equally impressed with the through inspection and subsequent work done on the vehicle prior to sell. The whole experience was a dream and I will be contacting Greg the next time I'm in the market. When I find someone I trust I keep going back.


After 14 years with the same vehicle it was time to buy a new car.  A friend highly recommended Greg Meier with Diablo Motors to assist with the purchase.  I worked with Greg for several months trying to find the car that fit my requirements.  Greg was very professional, knowledgeable and most of all patient with me.  My needs and parameters changed over the several months and Greg did a phenomenal job with understanding my ever changing requirements and eventually getting me a car the perfectly fit my needs.

Since I live in Las Vegas Greg made sure I had delivery of my car in a timely manner.  I wish I lived in the Bay area so I could continue to work with Greg & Diablo.  I would highly recommend his services and would recommend him to anyone looking for a vehicle.  

Gary Nowak


I am a single mother and someone who doesn't know a lot about cars.  I was looking for a car for lacrosse carpool for my son as I currently own a smaller sports car that four large boys can't fit it.  The car will ultimately be his car in October when he turns 16.  So, with that said I was looking for a good, dependable, and reasonable priced car.  I searched Craigslist and private sellers but had a hard time finding guy friends to come with me to test drive the cars.  Turns out I had forgotten all about Greg and Diablo Motors.  I contacted Greg and gave him my price point and a general idea of what I was looking for.  Within a week I drove off the lot with a great car and the peace of mind of knowing the vehicle had been inspected and was safe for me and my son.  The follow up from Greg a couple of days later was a perfect touch for a business that gets such a bad wrap.  I would recommend that everyone refer anyone looking for a used car to Diablo Motors for a definite "difference in a car buying experience"   THANK YOU GREG!!


Purchasing from Greg was the easiest car experience we've had.  No hidden agenda's at Diablo.  If you're looking for an honest dealer who's looking out for you, go see Greg.


The car-buying experience at Diablo Motors was exceptional – low stress, informative, down-to-earth, every question answered thoroughly, every concern addressed or remedied.

Walking into a dealership or another large operation, one is engaged in the automotive equivalent to buying a suit off the rack. With Greg and Diablo Motors, the experience is more like having a suit custom made.

Greg takes the time to fully understand your needs and objectives before he goes to work. Then he identifies the best vehicle for you – regardless of whether it's sitting on his lot at the moment or is out in the marketplace. His function is similar to a buyer's agent in a real estate transaction. He identifies the attributes you're looking for and then puts his extensive automotive knowledge to work for you to determine the best possible solution for you.

We are extremely satisfied with the 2008 Suburban we purchased from Greg. Although the vehicle is sound, our satisfaction is largely driven by the exceptional customer service Greg delivered to us – before, during and after the sale.

We highly recommend Greg and Diablo Motors for simplifying the car-buying experience, making us comfortable with the process, and placing us into a clean, safe, well-running vehicle at a highly-attractive price.


Buying a car at Diablo Motors was quick and easy.  No hassle over the price.  No high-pressure sales.  No push to buy other vehicles or ancillary products for the car.  No problems.

Greg was very easy to work with.

The car was in good shape.  

Two thumbs up!  I recommend visiting Diablo Motors first when you want to buy a used car.

  • t b.
  • San Ramon, CA

I met Greg a few years ago. Recently having a need for a car I gave him a call. He remembered me (impressive), and invited me down to his showroom. I failed to make the appointment as we had agreed and Greg showed no resentment or pressure when we spoke next to reschedule. I was on a tight budget and the only thing I knew was, what I did not want. Greg patiently allowed me to test drive just about anything my heart desired and showed me continued respect and compassion. More often than not, I would have at least one if not all of my children with me. This did not seem to bother Greg and he was always friendly toward them. I did not want to settle but seemingly I was going to have to, as the car I wanted was outside of my budget. The cars that were in my budget just weren't going to make me happy; day in and day out I would show up to purchase one in my budget and leave again with out a car. Greg continued to show extreme patience with my indecisiveness and continued to welcome me back whenever I called, emailed or appeared at his showroom. I wasn't really indecisive you see, I knew which car I wanted but with Champagne taste and a beer budget, it wasn't practical. Well I drove away yesterday in my new BMW. It has all the bells and whistles I wanted; the color exterior and interior I desired. Yes, it was outside of my budget but Greg worked with me to be able to afford the purchase and even handled the financing. Thank you Greg. I won't buy a car anywhere else!


If a low-price isn't your priority, and a peace of mind is, then give Diablo Motors a try.  

One thing I enjoyed about Greg is that he is extremely honest; you'll know what your buying without any hidden problems.  However, expect to pay a premium used price without much room for negotiation like you would find elsewhere- such as Mission Blvd's dealers or elsewhere on Craigslist.  Each time I've went to Diablo to investigate a Jeep, I usually find one of similar quality and condition for 30-35% less at other dealers- this includes negotiation and a full day of calling around and haggling.  I think Greg's business is perfect for the Diablo Valley- most residents seeking a used car want in-and-out as quickly as possible, knowing they bought a car in great condition and one that was thoroughly inspected.

Greg markets and sells quality, not quantity- which has the upside of you more likely getting a great car, but paying a higher price.  Greg's game plan is making every vehicle look immaculate- steam cleaning the engine compartment, shampooing the carpet and upholstery, and waxing the exterior- surprisingly, most dealers just wash the car and vacuum the carpet (their focus on quantity).  The dealership is also well maintained and clean.  

If you're going to buy a warranty, then shop the entire Bay Area for the best price, regardless of the dealership.  If you're a great negotiator and haggler, or if you know how used car dealerships work, you may also want to look elsewhere.  If you want a nice car fast, without a hassle and would like to avoid a warranty- all for a small premium- then meet with Greg.

My advice for anyone seeking a used car:  Wait until after Christmas, but before New Years Day (dealers want to unload their inventory at this time).  In December after meeting with Greg, I found another dealer willing to sell me 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee in great condition with 46k miles for $9,100 +tax/license, when it's value was $16,100!!!  Shop around, and don't let sales people pressure you (Greg will not force or pressure you into anything, another plus).  Negotiate over the phone, never in person.  Figure your price with the dealer over the phone, and obtain financing through a third party, such as a bank or credit union- then you can go to the dealership with a check and a great interest rate.  If possible, never trade in your car.  Never buy a warranty at the dealership- search online.  I personally recommend


First I want to say that this being the only the THIRD review in YELP on Diablo Motors is one of the really, really bad things about YELP.  There have been numerous glowing reviews that have been deleted from YELP for rediculous reasons, totally unfounded beliefs that so many good reviews must be fishy, etc.  I am YELPING about YELP.

So i write this review not knowing when it will be yanked like the rest.

Greg and Diablo motors are the best.  For anyone freaked out about by buying an out-of-warranty BMW.. this is the ONLY place to go.  Greg is honest to a fault, passionate about Beemers, a mechanic himself with a crew that will work on any car you buy from him.  He picks his own cars, certifies them and will even offer an in store warranty which eased my anxiety about buying my 2003 530i sport with 80K miles on it.  Now I am the proud owner of a car I only dreamed of owning in the past.  

Any problems are fixed promply.  It's the best experience I've had buying car, new or used.  I refer all my friends to him.

  • Conrad Y.
  • Madison, WI
In April of last year I got into a situation where I had to have a car, STAT!  I searched and considered seeing private sellers' cars but I was in a real hurry.  Diablo Motors had an ad on craigslist and I ended up on their own website.  I spotted the perfect car, walked in the next morning and drove out with a great car.  Everything was taken care of, and everything checked out just like it should.  Great deal, and great selection.  I'll go out to San Ramon again when I'm in the market for another car.