Diablo Motors has a world-class Detailing Department, utilizing a professional-grade range of products by 3M, as well as other top quality materials, and applied by our exclusive, talented, and professionally-educated detail staff.  We offer a wide range of detailing and restoration services, including:

  • Interior cleaning, with hand-extraction, machine extraction, Q-Tip and toothbrush detailing, window washing
  • Interior reconditioning, with leather conditioner, odor elimination, leather refurbishing, carpet repair, steering wheel resurfacing, wood scratch removal and polishing
  • Exterior cleaning, with hand wash, tar and sap removal, fallout removal, overspray removal, wheel cleaning inner and outer
  • Exterior restoration, with scratch removal, oxidation removal, paint correction, hard water damage removal, minor paint touch-up
  • Exterior protection, with professional grade 3M protection, 100% carnauba wax, top quality paint sealants and polishes
  • Headlight restoration, with our exclusive 4-tier oxidation and haze removal process, returning your headlights to factory clarity
  • Engine detailing, with steam-cleaning, hand washing and detailing, and optional dressing
  • Paintless ding and dent removal

Please call us at 925-830-8747 to arrange an examination and estimate.